Masx FAQs


What's the minimum order quantity?

We require our customers to order a minimum order quantity of 3 pieces per order to access unlimited choice of styles and designs in all sizes to give you best variety available and flexibility to mix and match as desired.
We only carry single pieces in limited lines as all of our products are custom made to order.

For single pieces you can purchase from our stock service styles and sizes outlined here. Standard Postage fee of $10 apply to orders under the value of $70.

For corporate and wholesale orders we require a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces for custom designed face masks. See our corporate page to learn more or contact our team for more information.

I've seen a design on social media but can't find it on the online store

Sometimes we showcase custom designs or limited edition designs. Feel free to contact us directly at elisha@masx-tech.com.au and we can assist you further on your inquiry.


Where do you ship too and how long does it take?

We ship exclusively within Australia to Australian residential and business addresses ONLY. For International order inquiries please contact sales@masx-tech.com directly or email us and we will put you in touch with our international sales manager.

Our total order processing time is approximately 7-14 days from the time the order is placed and funds are received for your order. This estimate does not include order processing time which can take 1-2 business days on upon receiving your order.  

Are you experiencing delays because of Covid-19 Typically our order turn arounds are quite speedy however there can be delays incurred due to a number of covid related factors such as increased demand and pressure on Australian postal services, we typically state allow 14 business days for your order to arrive however it can arrive as quickly as under 5 business days depending on the nature and size of your order. If you haven't received your order by 14 days feel free to contact us and we will assist you in tracing your order. For bulk and corporate orders over 200 pieces lead times may be longer due to increases manufacture times, speak to your Masx sales team about timelines for your order and this can be confirmed.   


Do you charge extra for custom designs for your face masks?

When you are ordering 20 pieces or more this is all part of the service, we will work with you to customise a design that is right for your brand or business.  


What if I don't need 20 pieces but still want a custom design? 

Send us an email and discuss your unique circumstances and requirements to our sales team and lets see what we can do for you! We're here to help! We have lots of smaller businesses, cafes and restaurants that still want bespoke branded designs that we work with.  


Is there minimum order quantities that apply when ordering different sizes with a custom design?

No thats the great thing about our service, we won't penalise you with min. order quantities for each size you can order which ever sizes you like within your design to make things easy and convenient for you.  


How do I know what size to order? How do you get the right fit?

Check out our size guide here it will show you how to take a measurement of your face so you can get the size that suits the right comfort level for your face. Our masks have a unique face hugging design for unparalleled comfort, they are designed to fit snug to your face.