Customise Your Masx

Endota Custom Designed Face Masks Testimonial

Masx offers custom designed face masks with a minimum order of 20 pieces for no additional cost.

This includes a mixture of sizes according to your needs and preferences at no additional charge included in this.

Our team will work with you to create unique custom designs that suits your vision and look. However the best part is receiving the product in your hands, you will be delighted with the quality and comfort of our product.

Whether you are an artist looking to create your print your own designs on a face mask, a fashion designer or retailer we have the capacity to work with you on small print runs right through to large scale production runs according to your requirements.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you create a custom design or to discuss wholesale and retailing opportunities on 1300 311 602.

See what others have created by checking out our galley on bottom of homepage to get inspired and send us a message with your design ideas.

Best of all, we move fast! You'll be impressed with how quickly we can provide custom designs and have stock in your hot little hands within 7-14 business days (sometimes even faster! depending on your location and postal service lead times during covid ask for an indication on lead time to your location).

Also check out our Corporate page to learn more on custom branding opportunities unique to your organisation. 

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