Jukurrpa Face Mask Collection

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Jukurrpa Collection - Timeless Tails of Survival 

 Introducing the Jukurrpa Collection, our unique aboriginal artwork design series of face masks inspired by the Jukurrpa (dreamtime) stories from the Yuendumu region in Alice Springs Northern Territory.

The Jukurrpa is the Warlpiri word for stories, songs and ceremony (dreamtime) which encapsulates creation stories, explaining why the world is as it is. These unique art works tell tales of morality and they are also maps which allowed the Warlpiri to survive and navigate around one of the harshest environments in the World.  

It is through these stories old traditions are told, moral values are learnt, explanations of how landscapes came to be are held. These stories, ceremonies and songs are maps that are key for survival in these lands of Yuendumu.

This collection is a collaboration between Masx-Tech and Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu.

Royalties from the Jukurrpa Face Mask Collection go directly back to the aboriginal artists that created these works and support one of Australia's longest standing 100% Aboriginally owned and run art centres to continue to produce these works and keep traditions and culture alive today.

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