Top 5 Tips for Summer and Warmer Climate Face Mask Wearing

Top 5 Tips for Summer and Warmer Climate Face Mask Wearing

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Top 5 Tips for face mask wearing over summer months

Whether your heading away over the summer months to your favourite holiday destination or playing it low-key and local, hitting a local metropolitan beach spot. Either way, we still have to be mindful of our current pandemic climate and need to exercise caution when out and about.

The reality is whilst we all want to remain careful this summer, wearing a mask in warmer weather can be an uncomfortable affair. That's why we've taken the liberty of compiling our top tips for mask wearing for your ease and convenience this summer.


5 Top tips for summer mask wearing


 1. Go for a breathable yet fluid-repellant outer layer

Go for a face mask with light weight material with good breathability for the summer months keeping in mind heath advice from your local state or territory.

'A fluid-repellant layer on the outside layer of your mask gives the best protection' states NSW Heath and that 'Three-layer masks are best. Two layers are the minimum.' further stated NSW Health. You can read more about General guidance for cloth masks by NSW Health here.


2. Go for a comfortable fitting mask

 It's imperative that your face mask fits your face properly, by this it is meant ensuring 'the mask covers your nose and mouth and fits snugly under your chin, over the bridge of your nose and against the sides of your face' states NSW Health in general guidance on face mask wearing. 

If your mask is too loose it counters the benefit of wearing it and renders it ineffective or conversely, if too tight can feel restrictive and difficult to breathe. Ultimately you want achieve a snug fit to face that provides the balance of comfort and breathability without having to consistently touch your face to readjust as that again defeats the purpose of wearing it.

Face masks with an adjustable ear loop and/or nose bridges can be useful as these masks enable you to fit mask securely to your face and manage slipping risk factor. Once the mask is on, you want to avoid touching it until you need to remove it, whereby it is recommended to sanitise your hands before and after putting mask on and off and machine washing reusable masks after each use.


3. Discontinue use of face mask if it becomes wet

When we are at the beach or pool side our face masks can accidentally get wet which why it is important to always carry spares in a waterproof ceiled cover. If your mask does get wet it is suggested to get a new one and discontinue use of it.


4. Wash your reusable face masks between uses

Sweat and moisture from the skin can be absorbed into face masks making them prone to bacteria growth (YUCK!). Furthermore; germs can grow in hot and damp places so there is even more reasons not to get complacent about face mask laundering after use of your reusable mask if disposable get rid of it after single use!

When washing your reusable mask it is recommended by NSW Health to;

  • Wash cloth masks in washing machine in hot water between 60c to 90c with other clothes. If hand washing it is advised to wash thoroughly with soap in hot water.
  • Lay flat to dry (in the sun if possible) or put in the dryer
  • Store in a plastic or zip-lock bag or clean, dry place.

Source: NSW Health, Guidance on wearing face Masks, Last Updated 24th March 2022 at time of publishing.


5. Take breaks to let your skin breathe

Wearing masks in warmer weather for long periods at a time can be uncomfortable, take breaks when you can to let your skin breath but do so ideally when not in public spaces with larger volumes of people in close proximity apply sensible discretion about where and when is appropriate to have a relief break without a mask, always ensure when taking your mask on and off you sanitise your hands before and after touching the mask and handle only by the ear straps and take care not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth when taking on and off.


So that's our tips on summer and warmer climate face mask wearing, we hope this information has assisted you in some way. If you'd like to learn more detail from some of the resources referenced in this blog check out the links below for further reading.



  • NSW Health - Guidance on wearing face masks - last updated 24th March 2022;
  • NSW Health - General guidence for cloth masks - last updated 2nd August 2020;


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