Protecting People and the Environment

Protecting People and the Environment

Elisha Sinclair ·

Masx-Tech Eco-Friendly Face Masks Australia

At Masx-Tech we are committed to producing sustainable, eco-friendly products that not only protect people but also protect the environment.

With so many disposal face masks being used and disposed of not being able to be recycled, they end up in landfill, street litter and our waterways and oceans.

This is having devastating impacts on our ecological environment.

Masx-Tech firmly believe in providing a more sustainable solution to a global problem.

How we are committed to reducing our environmental impact?

  • Fabrics – made almost entirely from recycled plastics! 
  • Fabric waste from our manufacturing process is collected and recycled.
  • Paper - All our paper products for printing purposes are 100% recycled 
  • Ink - 100% clean bio-degradable environmentally safe
  • Biodegradable reusable zip-lock storage bags supplied with each Masx product to safely store face mask between uses.
  • Masx Face masks are washable up to 30+ times without any degradation in the fabric and provide a great alternative to single-use masks that cannot be recycled.

Masx-Tech are producers of durable, eco-friendly, multi-use fashion and custom designed face masks. Masx face mask manufacturers have over 17 years experience in the customised sportswear manufacturing industry and have spent a generation working with and developing treated, use-specific textiles. 

Masx design and manufacture protective masks for Australians using anti-bacterial, water-repellent fabrics to provide a superior level of protection to the wearer. To learn more about Masx face masks phone a member of our sales team on 1300 311 602 or email us at



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