Personalising your brand made easy with Masx Face Masks

Personalising your brand made easy with Masx Face Masks

Elisha Sinclair ·

Infullbloom Custom Branded Face Masks


Whether you have a small team of 10 or under staff members or are a large multinational corporation; Masx have been helping businesses big and small across Australia personalise their branding on face masks throughout 2020 to meet the need of the growing trend of branded PPE that nobody saw coming...yet became the must have ticket item in town!


Iconic Melbourne Florist Infullbloom South Melbourne

Infullbloom South Melbourne came to Masx looking for a personalised design for their team and customers however didn't necessarily want their logo on the design itself but wanted it to still feel unique to their brand.

Masx provided a series of designs to consider for the iconic Melbourne Floristry store before settling on a beautiful bloom featured throughout their digital marketing as their image of choice for their face masks.

Infullbloom custom branded face masks created by Masx-Tech

This design featured above is exclusively available for purchase at Infullboom store South Melbourne in a range of sizes.  

Feedback from the team was positive with the team members excited to receive their face masks. One staff member stated that she really liked the material used on the masks, going on to mention that it felt quite snug compared to other masks she had tried previously, whilst another staff member committed on how she really liked the toggles to tighten the fit to suit the shape of her face.

Infullbloom custom branded face mask testimonial

Learn more about customising a face mask here.

Masx-Tech are producers of durable, eco-friendly, multi-use fashion and custom designed face masks. Masx face mask manufacturers have over 17 years experience in the customised sportswear manufacturing industry and have spent a generation working with and developing treated, use-specific textiles. 

Masx design and manufacture protective masks for Australians using anti-bacterial, water-repellent fabrics to provide a superior level of protection to the wearer. To learn more about Masx face masks phone a member of our sales team on 1300 311 602 or email us at


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