Face masks the new branding opportunity of 2020

Face masks the new branding opportunity of 2020

Elisha Sinclair ·

Hodges Real Estate Group Custom Branded Face Masks

Whilst we all get our heads around the fact that face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future...whether we like it or not!

More and more brands are quickly realising the value a custom branded face mask can bring to giving your business a professional edge in this uncharted territory and new 'normal' way of interacting in business.

Benefits branded reusable face masks offer:

  • Enable brands to harness the power of marketing on highly visible real estate (your workforces faces).
  • Enables uniformity, an air of professionalism in brand presentation, grooming and hygiene standards.
  • Reduces the environmental waste footprint of disposable masks going directly into landfill.
  • Eco-friendly, made from almost 100% recycled materials (Masx face masks).
  • Reusable masks are a smart and cost effective solution for businesses; at a glance disposables seem cheaper but quickly add up in cost when having to replace after every single wear for every employee.
  • Quality and comfort are key considerations when choosing a face mask given you have to wear them for a significant portion of the day. 


Hodges custom branded face mask by Masx

Hodges custom branded face masks by Masx

"Branded face masks are a great way for us to convey to our vendors and purchasers we're serious about upholding the highest levels of public health and safety during daily business interactions along with adhering to social distancing and regular hand sanitising measures" says Jason Swift, Director of Hodges Real Estate, Mentone office. 

We are all now educated on the importance of wearing a face mask to reduce the spread, whilst we still need to be mindful and vigilant when adhering to the latest government health advice for our state and region. The need to maintain these strict hygiene measures is ongoing and forming an integral role in our new normal way of life as we get back to business post lock-down in Victoria.

"We were looking for a corporate look so that our team could be in unison with one-another and look professional whilst also wanting to keep our clients safe too. Masx Tech tailored a design specific to our brands needs, the turn around time was prompt and we have been pleased with the quality and end result. Our customers have also really loved receiving these as a thoughtful gift from our brand." Stated Jason Swift - Hodges.

If you're considering face masks for your business, evaluate your options before you commit. Consider factors such as comfort, features, materials used, reusable vs disposable and know that whilst wearing a mask has been proven to reduce the spread. It should always be used in conjunction with the latest government advice related to social distancing and safe hygiene protocols. 


Should you be considering a custom branded face mask for your business. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about Masx custom branding opportunities to meet your business needs. Masx Tech specialise in small print runs from 10+ units right up to thousands for multinational corporations. 


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