Face Masks on kids returning to School in Victoria

Face Masks on kids returning to School in Victoria

Elisha Sinclair ·
Schools back in Victoria for kids with face masks in the class room
As Children head back into the classroom in Victoria after months at home Melbourne kids 12 years old and over must wear a fitted face mask whenever leaving home, indoors and outdoors unless a lawful exception applies (Source: State Government of Victoria).

So what's new here?

Face masks are now required for students in schools from Grade 3 to Grade 6, only when indoors on school premises, unless an exception applies (Source: State Government of Victoria).

What are the exceptions?

An exception for all year levels includes; Students with a physical or mental disability are not required to wear a face mask where their disability means it would not be suitable (Source: State Government of Victoria).
Read more on face masks guidelines in Victoria here There is also a useful downloadable pdf on 'what face masks you can and can't wear' that is worth checking out here.


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For the most up-to-date health advice in your local area check out state government websites health advice and mask wearing advice in your territory as states circumstances and advice differ.


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