Face Masks in Airports Australia

Face Masks in Airports Australia

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Face Masks in Australian Airports

Although not mandatory, mask wearing is still being strongly recommended in airport terminals 

It is no longer mandatory to wear face masks inside airport terminals as well as other indoor settings around Australia, however it is still being strongly encouraged inside airport terminals and other indoor settings where it isn't possible to physically social distance.

Wearing of face masks will still be required on-board all aircraft across Australia. Airline passengers should continue to carry masks with them at all times when travelling. 

Face masks, along with safe social distancing behaviours and safe hygiene practices, remain an important way to help protect the community.

Further to this; Face Masks will also not be required in schools, early childhood centres, public transport or on the Spirit of Tasmania vessel or its terminals from the 25 June 2022 (Source: Tasmanian Government, 15-June-22).  

Some public transport providers and childcare centres (staff and parents only) may still require masks based on individual risk assessments in those settings.

From 1 July 2022, the requirement to wear face masks in all other remaining settings such as hospitals, residential aged care facilities, disability providers and correctional facilities will be based on individual organisational risk assessments for each of these settings.

Face masks will still be required to be worn by close contacts when they are in indoor settings outside the home.


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