Custom and Personalised Reusable Cloth Face Masks with Endota Spa Melbourne

Custom and Personalised Reusable Cloth Face Masks with Endota Spa Melbourne

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 Custom Branded and Personalised Face Masks for Endota Spa


"Gaining a professional look face mask with custom branding and name personalisation was an absolute breeze when working with Masx-Tech Australia" stated owner Endota Melbourne CBD - Claire Bastow.


Endota Melbourne recently commissioned Masx-Tech to design a clean, professional custom branded face mask for all their staff to wear in their Melbourne CBD Endota Spa stores. 'Our brief was simple; we wanted a clean professional look, that was smart and contemporary and comfortable to be worn for hours at a time servicing clients in treatment situations and over the counter' stated Claire from Endota. 

'We even wanted to go an extra step and have our masks personalised with each staff members name on the mask which was 'above and beyond' that could make it easier not to get masks mixed up between staff during the laundering process. 'We loved that Masx could offer this for us, no other company we spoke to entertained offering it!' stated Claire.

'We also loved that Masx offered a variety of sizes and the adjustable toggle straps for fitting more comfortably to your face and closer to your nose. We'd tried a few masks prior to deciding to purchase Masx Face Masks and struggled to find something that was comfortable for our therapists to wear during treatments without needing constant readjusting this provided a great solution for us.' She stated.

Custom branded and personalised Endota Face Mask by Masx

How did you find the consultation process with Masx? The team we're very friendly, and had really fast turn around times. We needed our masks turned around very quickly and they went out of their way to assist us as best as they could to expedite the order and kept us informed of how it was tracking to delivery to our door which I was impressed with their professionalism and reliability.

How did you find the custom design process? Extremely efficient, once we engaged Masx we received our custom branded face mask mock ups within a few hours! I wasn't expecting that. We loved the designs and made a couple of tweaks and had the design finalised within 24 hours.

What would you say to other businesses looking to get a branded face mask about your overall experience with Masx?

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them for custom branded face masks. It was a very pleasant experience and we'll be reordering again.

Since your team have been wearing these face masks regularly for a few weeks now, do you have any further feedback that would aid others weighing up their face mask options? Yes, I'd suggest to order at least two per staff member so you have a spare if one for when it's being washed after every use.

It's good to have 2-3 to rotate between in case one gets lost too! Also make sure you get adjustable straps it really does help to make it feel more secure on your face if your bending forward a lot in your job they can slip off your face with other masks I've had without the toggles, it definitely helps the mask feel more secure and safe.

Custom Branded and Personalised Face Masks for Endota Spa by Masx-Tech


Masx would like to thank and acknowledge Endota Spa Melbourne for this interview and are very grateful for their positive feedback about Masx products and letting us share your experience with others. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to answer our questions and contribute images of your team wearing Endota masks customised by Masx-Tech.



Learn more about customising a face mask here

Masx-Tech are producers of durable, eco-friendly, multi-use fashion and custom designed face masks. Masx face mask manufacturers have over 17 years experience in the customised sportswear manufacturing industry and have spent a generation working with and developing treated, use-specific textiles. 

Masx design and manufacture protective masks for Australians using anti-bacterial, water-repellent fabrics to provide a superior level of protection to the wearer. To learn more about Masx face masks phone a member of our sales team on 1300 311 602 or email us at




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